4 Reasons I support Bernie Sanders

Why I support Bernie Sanders #livehealingly

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4 Reasons I support Bernie Sanders

I am not American. I shouldn’t interfere in another country’s politics. Why do I support Bernie Sanders, one of the candidates of the US presidential election then?

I don’t believe in a disconnected world where everyone goes about his own business blindly ignoring the reality of our interconnectedness.

America is a powerful country that contributes to anything going on in the world in one way or the other and America is sinking into darkness, or so I believe.

Darkness takes many forms but the most important ones, which is my reason of supporting Bernie Sanders, are the following:

1. Cynicism replacing all values – Bernie Sanders isn’t Cynical

Our parents and society at large trains us since the youngest age to fear the other. We also learn that we need to make sure we get a larger share of the cake than our neighbours. They also anchor in our brains very early that we need to protect ourselves against everyone that is different. This is coming from our tribal instincts stemming from the early ages of mankind where the world was a dangerous place at all moments.

Are we still really living in that period? My opinion is a loud and clear no, at least it shouldn’t be.

What are the biggest threats we face as humans today? I believe it’s the destruction of the planet, a risk of corporate led dictatorship quickly replacing democracy and generations of humans sinking into joyless lives.

What are the fears that we are educated and trained to react to? We are trained to fear that we will not be able to buy enough stuff, not be at the top of the food chain and that our neighbours steal our prosperity from us.

That is not very consistent is it? Then why are those fears so omnipresent? Because they help the few very rich at the top to control us and make us accept our fate as a way of protecting ourselves.

Bernie Sanders highlights the real threats and explains why the others are just consequences of a derailed society. This society jails drug consumers, forgives corporate robbery and allows for the weak not to be protected.

Cynicism replaced lovingkindness and compassion.

2. America influences the World – Bernie Sanders promotes Peace

This cynicism that was very much American in nature and strongly influenced by the belief brought by pioneers in a young country that freedom is everything spreads now to the old world. Switzerland was a fairly reasonable country 20 years ago where, despite a very capitalistic root, social stability was ensured by corporations, SMEs and workers living in a respectful relationship with each other. This is disappearing. The dream of Neo-Liberalism being the answer to happiness caught us up and the respect disappears fast.

Bernie Sanders fights this view and he gets support from so many that maybe it’s time to listen to him.

3. The planet is dying – Bernie Sanders promotes Ecology

That might sound alarmist but it isn’t. We can pretend that climate change doesn’t exist. We can’t pretend that the limited resources of the planet will sustain infinite growth or that it’s too early to think about becoming more reasonable and brainstorm the future modes of society that will allow for our survival. But pretending means not facing reality. Not facing reality means running blindly towards doom’s day.

Bernie Sanders realises and defends this ecological view and balances it with the economical one.

4. I’m a Buddhist – Bernie Sanders promotes Lovingkindness

Yes I am a Buddhist which means I want to see Lovingkindness, Compassion and Equanimity – in others words True Love and a Mindful living – become our way of life within our families and close circles but also in the larger world. In this sense I’m looking for messages suggesting lovingkindness and compassion in the people I support and I don’t see any within the main contenders for the POTUS position except with Bernie Sanders

May you be filled with lovingkindness. 

May you experience joy.

May you be safe from inner and outer harm.

May you be well in body and mind.

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