Neglect (Wound Series, Childhood Trauma)

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Neglect (Wound Series, Childhood Trauma) This article is in the series about Childhood Trauma and Wounds. My last post was about abuse which causes me issues with balancing alone time and social interactions, doubt my worth and my ability to succeed as some examples. Let’s talk about Neglect. I’m going to talk in this post aboutRead more …

Compassion versus Pity (Evil Twins Serie)

Compassion versus Pity

Compassion versus Pity (Evil Twins Serie) In the series of blog posts about Evil Twins – Lookalike feelings that are actually exact opposites – I want to speak about Compassion vs. Pity after having written about Love versus Longing and why it matters in my pursuit of happiness and peace. What is Compassion? Compassion is theRead more …

Small Annoyances – How to Deal with Them?

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Small Annoyances

Small Annoyances – How to Deal with Them? Big annoyances rot our joy of life. So we think at least. We actually tend to deal with big annoyances and jump into action to do something about them. With small annoyances we procrastinate, ponder whether it’s worthwhile to do anything, constantly run the thoughts as background noise in our minds. WhenRead more …

4 Reasons I support Bernie Sanders

Why I support Bernie Sanders #livehealingly

4 Reasons I support Bernie Sanders I am not American. I shouldn’t interfere in another country’s politics. Why do I support Bernie Sanders, one of the candidates of the US presidential election then? I don’t believe in a disconnected world where everyone goes about his own business blindly ignoring the reality of our interconnectedness. America is a powerfulRead more …

Fear, Pain and Love Healing my Heart


Fear, Pain and Love Healing my Heart I am asked often these days what kicked off for me the healing process after years of living a half life. I couldn’t answer because I had issues remembering all the events and how I felt at different times. Healing my Heart I’m a Grown Up Wounded Child underRead more …

7th of May 2006 – A Day in my Head

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7th of May 2006 – A Day in my Head Project “A Day in my Head” asked me to make a diary entry about a typical day in my head as part of their wonderful effort to collect diary entries of people suffering from Mental Health issues. If you want to participate into the effort, see theirRead more …

Anxiety – How to Manage it Well?

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Anxiety – How to Manage it Well? I realized while talking to many people that problematic anxiety is so common and we are so little equipped to manage it when it’s poisoning our lives. I’m writing this post to share a bit of background on anxiety and pass on some tricks I learned over 20Read more …

Meditation Explained (Meditation Series)

Meditation erklärt (Meditation Serie)

Meditation Explained Since I reconnected with my meditation practice, I started talking with my friends about it and realized that there is often misconception about why we meditate. Misconceptions about Meditation The top misconception I heard about mediation is that “it should relax me”. Relaxation is a mean to an end in meditation and isRead more …

Spiritual vs. Religious Life


Spiritual vs. Religious Life I’m sharing a lot of spiritual texts, articles and quotes. People start asking me whether I’m a religious person, the ones knowing me with quite some surprise. For me the two things are not at all the same so I decided to write this post to clarify where I am. MyRead more …

Grieving my Mom’s death 

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Der Tod meiner Mutter zu verarbeiten

Grieving my Mom’s death As described in my post called Grieving and Letting Go grieving is something which applies to anything we are attached to and not only big events. Big events though, especially if experienced in childhood, have a high chance to not have gone properly through the grieving process. Improper Grieving Consequences Grieving allows toRead more …

Love versus Longing (Evil Twin Series)


Love versus Longing In Buddhism the core values or qualities that we cultivate are Love, Compassion and Equanimity. All those allow for a life of service to ourselves and the world but all three have tricky Evil Twins that are worth knowing off because they lead us to Darkness instead of Light. The evil twinRead more …

Grieving and Letting Go

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Grieving person

Grieving and Letting Go When thinking about grieving I always thought about very painful but rare events – like death, sickness or loss of love – that we needed to get over with in order to move on. Since I started my journey into self-healing I started realising that this process is a continuous process, lettingRead more …