Lil’ Sushi Roll vs. Predator

Lil ' Sushi Roll vs Raubtiere

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Lil’ Sushi Roll vs. Predator

The goal of this blog post is to warn Grown Up Wounded Children and other sweet people against Predator like behaviours from other sad people. If you feel you were a victim of those kind of behaviours please share this post to avoid others to fall into their trap.

Sad and Lonely

Grown Up Wounded Children (GUWC) are basically sad and lonely people until they heal. We need sweet and tender care to sooth our sadness, loneliness and anxiety. The first half of the title of this post comes from the following sweet story stolen from boredpanda:

Hot to care for a sad person1. Lay blanket out 2. Pick up sad person3. Lay sad person in blanket4. Roll them like a sushi5. Place sad roll on bed/couch/comfy place6. Hug roll close7. Put on roll's favorite movies8. Feed roll snacks9. Make sure roll is well hydrated. Tears make roll dehydrated10. Happy lil' sushi roll


Predator Alien

Predator Alien


In the world there is another category of sad people that I will call Predators. In order to forget how ashamed they are of themselves they resort to predatory behaviour on other people. These behaviour’s sole goal is to make them feel powerful and grandiose and have them forget how little they think they are deep inside.

When lil’ Sushi Roll meets Predator

The way predators predate on their victims is by exploiting their weaknesses. GUWCs have deep wounds that make them the ideal victim to predate on. We, for instance, feel that we are worthless and need reassurance. A narcissist will use that to give it and withdraw it at appropriate times and make us feel increasingly stressed and lost. Once ripe he can start making us feel weak – because constant stress does that to people – and control and direct us which makes him look as the protector and the saviour thus feeding his narcissist supply needs. The net result on a GUWC is to remove the little self-confidence and self-esteem (s)he ever had and destroys the person even more.

Advice to lil’ Sushi Roll

  1. Get rid of the Predator – will post a summary of usable material soon.
  2. Get closure without relying on him or her – they don’t care about you so it’s the ultimate way of asserting control to deny closure. You need to come to closure yourself – more on that in later posts but healing is the key here, healing from all the self-esteem harm they did and realising you are a beautiful person and are not responsible for their misdeeds.
  3. Apply some method to heal the wounds and avoid the next predator waiting for you.

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  1. Tammy Buckley

    This is my exact story! Please, I need to know 1. How to let go & break the connection that I have with this person.
    2. How to get closure
    3. How to find a way to heal

      1. Blue Sky

        Making others aware that these type of people exist is very important. When you have no clue, you are even more vulnerable… and if you are gentle and kind… a target for sure. Thank you!


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