God : Who is She?

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God and Spirituality

Since I restarted my spiritual path and started talking about it I was never so often quizzed about my beliefs and what I think about other people’s beliefs.

As much as this is expected I need to say it out straight: for me there is no external God. I don’t feel her in my heart and don’t feel the need to believe she exists. See my article about Spirituality vs. Religion.

Spirituality is for me a path to happiness. My own happiness because I deserve it. Other people’s happiness because if I can help it makes me happy. The world’s happiness because we are all part of this world.

God and my Thoughts about Her

My belief is that we all walk on a path and that this path is hard and wonderful at the same time. We all need help to walk this path and the main source of help is to see things as they are and not how our pain, anger, pity and other negative emotions taint them.

As a species we are extremely talented at building illusions and excuses to prevent this clarity to shine.

We are also all different. Some of us are good at introspection and rational thinking. Some of us are good at intuition and emotional thinking. It’s in this difference that the help we seek for clarity needs to come in the way that is the most suited to our own inner word.

God, Angels, the True Self, the Universe, our Inner Child, or whatever face we give to the voice that sets us on the path of clarity is the most useful allies we can ever have. It’s the allies that prevents the veil of illusion to be too thick.

God and the Rational views

I’m telling you right now that this section is useless. Rationalizing belief is like rationalizing romantic love: it depletes it from its substance without adding anything. I’m engaging nevertheless on this because of the people that try to convince me with rational arguments.

  1. A creator exists because we exist: who created the creator? If she was always here then why wasn’t simply the potential for life always here? The random course of events could have done the rest.
  2. There must be a creator because everything is so beautiful in nature: beauty is a question of habit and taste. If we would have grown up in forests of carbonized trees they would be majestic and beautiful.
  3. There is a creator because the chances for life randomly emerging are too small: too small compared to what? Statistics apply to large number of parallel experiments but we are only one path so statistics are not relevant if we don’t know the other possibilities.  We exist and talk about it because otherwise there wouldn’t be anyone to talk about existence. That’s an n=1 experiment.
  4. There must be a creator because otherwise life doesn’t have any sense: I’m sorry to say but even with a creator the sense of life is fairly limited. We struggle through life to reach a form of bliss (or burn in hell)? What’s the sense of that? Living and loving is the sense of life. What was before or comes after is irrelevant.
  5. There must be a creator because otherwise there isn’t any reason to be good: find me someone that feels good by being bad and I will consider this argument. The reason to be good is because it’s the easiest way to be happy and give sense to life.

I told you so… don’t rationalize your beliefs. There is no way to win this argument. For each valid argument, there is a valid counterargument. Just feel what you feel and be happy through that feeling. Whether it involves a God or not.

God and does it matter if She exists?

I don’t think that the existence of the lack of existence of anything really matters. What matters is how we express Love and Compassion to ourselves and others. All prophets gave us the same message: Love each other, help each other, unite and make the world a better place.

As long as our own beliefs set us on a path that makes our ability to Love and Feel grow and shine we are all on the right path. That’s my own belief.

May you be filled lovingkindness.
May you be well in body and mind.
May you experience joy and happiness. 

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