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Neglect (Wound Series, Childhood Trauma)

Aug 18, 2016 | Posted by in Feelings, Healing, Neglect, Wound consequences, Wounds | 34

Neglect (Wound Series, Childhood Trauma) This article is in the series about Childhood Trauma and Wounds. My last post was about abuse which causes me issues with balancing alone time and social interactions, doubt my worth and my ability to succeed as some examples. Let’s talk about Neglect. I’m going to talk in this post aboutRead more …

Abandonment (Wound Series, Childhood Trauma)


Abandonment (Wound Series, Childhood Trauma) I spent years and years of my life being afraid of abandonment and losing anything that was too good. It wasn’t clear for me why. I thought it was how life is: when we don’t have we long for something and when we have it we are afraid of losingRead more …

3 Prerequisites to Healing Childhood Trauma

Healing Childhood Trauma

3 Prerequisites to Healing Childhood Trauma As I wrote before, I’m a Grown Up Wounded Child under Recovery so I’m on a path to Healing Childhood Trauma. What it means is that I was the victim of Abuse, Abandonment and Neglect in my Childhood. Oh my god you must think I had awful parents. Not at all andRead more …