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Abuse (Wound Series, Childhood Trauma)

Aug 10, 2016 | Posted by in Abuse, Healing, Life, Wound consequences, Wounds | 14

Abuse (Wound Series, Childhood Trauma) This article is in the series about Childhood Trauma and Wounds. My last post was about abandonment. Abandonment caused me to doubt the possibility of stable happiness. I also makes me fear to date that I will lose what I really like. I’m going to talk in this post aboutRead more …

Small Annoyances – How to Deal with Them?

Jul 20, 2016 | Posted by in Feelings, Healing, Life, Meditation | 18
Small Annoyances

Small Annoyances – How to Deal with Them? Big annoyances rot our joy of life. So we think at least. We actually tend to deal with big annoyances and jump into action to do something about them. With small annoyances we procrastinate, ponder whether it’s worthwhile to do anything, constantly run the thoughts as background noise in our minds. WhenRead more …

3 Prerequisites to Healing Childhood Trauma

Healing Childhood Trauma

3 Prerequisites to Healing Childhood Trauma As I wrote before, I’m a Grown Up Wounded Child under Recovery so I’m on a path to Healing Childhood Trauma. What it means is that I was the victim of Abuse, Abandonment and Neglect in my Childhood. Oh my god you must think I had awful parents. Not at all andRead more …

4 Reasons My Breath is my Life

Jun 6, 2016 | Posted by in Healing, Life, Meditation, Spirituality | 0
een vrouw die een diepe adem neemt

4 Reasons My Breath is my Life Awakening to who you really are is not some mystical experience based on spirits and magic but a process of facing yourself and rediscovering your true nature, the essence of who you are and strive with it. Our Breath plays a central role in this process. Breathing hasRead more …

Fear, Pain and Love Healing my Heart


Fear, Pain and Love Healing my Heart I am asked often these days what kicked off for me the healing process after years of living a half life. I couldn’t answer because I had issues remembering all the events and how I felt at different times. Healing my Heart I’m a Grown Up Wounded Child underRead more …

Anxiety – How to Manage it Well?

May 4, 2016 | Posted by in Feelings, Healing, Life, Meditation, Wound consequences | 2

Anxiety – How to Manage it Well? I realized while talking to many people that problematic anxiety is so common and we are so little equipped to manage it when it’s poisoning our lives. I’m writing this post to share a bit of background on anxiety and pass on some tricks I learned over 20Read more …

Meditation Explained (Meditation Series)

Meditation erklärt (Meditation Serie)

Meditation Explained Since I reconnected with my meditation practice, I started talking with my friends about it and realized that there is often misconception about why we meditate. Misconceptions about Meditation The top misconception I heard about mediation is that “it should relax me”. Relaxation is a mean to an end in meditation and isRead more …

Spiritual vs. Religious Life


Spiritual vs. Religious Life I’m sharing a lot of spiritual texts, articles and quotes. People start asking me whether I’m a religious person, the ones knowing me with quite some surprise. For me the two things are not at all the same so I decided to write this post to clarify where I am. MyRead more …