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4 Reasons I support Bernie Sanders

Why I support Bernie Sanders #livehealingly

4 Reasons I support Bernie Sanders I am not American. I shouldn’t interfere in another country’s politics. Why do I support Bernie Sanders, one of the candidates of the US presidential election then? I don’t believe in a disconnected world where everyone goes about his own business blindly ignoring the reality of our interconnectedness. America is a powerfulRead more …

Why? War, Violence, Suffering, Poverty

May 7, 2016 | Posted by in Healing, Life, My views, Spirituality, Wound consequences | 0
waarom schrijf je op het raam

Why? War, Violence, Suffering, Poverty When I was a child and I was looking at the news I was scared. I saw Bhopal, airplanes being hijacked, nuclear accidents and I thought “but why?” and it filled my nights with terror and sadness. I had at heart to have a job that would allow me toRead more …