1. Antoine


    This is weekend break on my side too.

    While I did not read every posts you have written, the few I read were mind blowing and full of revelations.

    This is why I enjoy so much to read about people and there stories. To me this is far more efficient than a bad psychotherapist looking at me in his chair waiting for me to talk.

    Listening to others is inspiring and help me put words on my problems, help me kill my inability to express what is on my mind and eventually lead me to the big discovery that I have stories and other things to say too.

    Thanks a lot for this blog. I will come back to see what’s new and read previous posts.

    1. healingly Post author

      Psychoanalysis type therapy is good when you don’t have problems to solve. For anything else CBT is the best especially with mindfulness. It’s much more guided and practical. Happy you liked my posts. There are there because I’ve run away from myself for 34 years and it’s enough running and time for shit digging and facing.


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